And here we got our guy doing charity!. That’s right! 

Fun night teaching air bender moves in Rocklin.

Said Noah in his FB page,

We raised money for autism yesterday at the tournament. First round we raised $300 and mr Durant got his head signed. More to follow…

So we put out another challenge at tournament. If we raised another $500 I would sign master Owings forehead. Well you prob guessed it. We did and so we ended up with $1000 raised for autisim. Thanks so much to everyone that could contribute at the tournament for this great cause!

So then we said for $500 raised for autisim I’d sign mr durant’s forehead and we raised the funds there at the tournament. It was so cool.


Heeeeeeeey!. I know, it’s been a long while!. I’m so sorry!. I’ve been busy this last time. But I’ll update the Blog, promise!.

 So, those are the last pictures Noah posted in his facebook page. He went to Laguna Beach in California, and also, to first game of spring training of the Texas Rangers!.

For those who don’t know when this pic was taken, it’s from Noah’s Official Facebook page. 

Happy new year, Noahtics!. Did you had a great time with your loved ones?. Hope so!.

 So…Yep!. Goodbye 2012, and hello 2013!. If I got to be honest, I cannot believe how fast 2012 passed!. It’s been a great year for Noah, at least that’s what it seems. His 3 degree Black Belt is so around the corner!. I’m so proud of our guy, as for sure you’re too!.

 Well, I made a video with two of my best friends, Debie & Diane, with a little wish for Noah. Hope you like it guys!.

 Also, you don’t have to forget to say “Happy new year!” on Noah’s official page, in his last post!. And don’t worry, just in case you didn’t know, he reads our comments (He doesn’t answer them). 

 Wish you a wonderful 2013, my dear followers! (Of course, also for those who doesn’t follow me!). 

   Love each one of you! ♥ - Selene.

Didn’t plan to have a snow ball fight in the front yard today. It was so fun! Having an amazing Christmas!

Said Noah hours ago on his FB page!. This is such a cute photo!. I don’t know you guys, but this might be my favorite picture Noah posted on his page’s history!. It’s just so perfect! *Fangirling*. I’m glad to know he had fun with snow and had a great Christmas time with his wonderful family. So great…Hope you have a beautiful day, dear followers!.

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Some ‘C&A’ GIF’s!

Hi, Noahtics!. Here I’ve got for you some GIF’s fresh from the oven!. If you take them, please give credit!. This post only has GIF’s from Cowboys and Aliens, just a few scenes…Anyways, I’m making more!. Got a lot of thing in my mind…Just enjoy! n.n


Please, let me know wich one you liked the most, and if you want me to make you a GIF just ask for it!

So, today I received this from my friend Debie!. She sent me many X-Mas gifts, and between them all was this beautiful Noah ornament for my tree!. Already in it.
It has two sides, the one you can see on the pic; and on the other side has another picture of Noah at his Maine vacations. [You can check out the other pic on my Instagram account: IAmARinger].
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday! :)

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(Clic on the GIF’s to see full size)

Ella’s death + Noah crying scene.

This is one of my favorite scenes, and at the same time is so disheartening…But honestly, guys!, who doesn’t cry when you see Noah crying!. Is the cutest thing ever!

 Hope you like the GIF’s, guys!

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